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Shaving all visible parts, i.e. armpits, legs, arms and bikini line.

Do not wax and / or resin on the day of the shoot itself!

Before and after
Before and after make up
Model posture

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Models that are not accustomed to their own make-up be careful

and do not overdo it with the makeup ... rather too little than too much!

If you at home already are applying the basic makeup,

you should definitely pay attention that your skin does not shine.

A shiny skin always makes for a less good result on photos.

The makeup that you need for a shoot is darker and heavier than you're used to,

you come over after paler in picture than in reality.

Definitely go a few days before the photo shoot, not under a solarium,

because it makes a dry skin.


 VB: before and after make up Ej

A major problem for the beginner models and sometimes also for already more experienced, is taking the right or an interesting pose.

Usually, the photographer guides you as model in this, depending on the kind of pictures he wants.

But it's always nice when the model occasionally comes up with a surprising pose and takes the initiative in adopting different postures.

In preparation for a shoot, you can practice some of these poses and rehearse for the mirror. It always comes across as a very professional model independent and confident during a photo shoot and also regularly makes there own ideas.

I'm not a model agency, but photographer and do everything, so you very well be the best.

A photo shooting with professional photo and lighting equipment, advice, tips.

I have experience in working with inexperienced models. Therefore I have chosen not to work in a studio, but in your home or another location of your choice, e.g. beach or dunes.

Why? Because this is a familiar environment for you. And your natural and familiar decor,

living room, bedroom, bathroom, .... will help you to get more a natural look. If you feel good, then that is also seen in the pictures. Another aspect of working at home is that your entire wardrobe is present.

Very important is that all photos remain private.

Pictures are only for the own portfolio, promotion and publicity and are never used for sale, without mutual written consent.

Only for models shoots I work on TFCD base, if you are a model, an addition to my portfolio!

Tips and Guidelines to pose as Model

Discuss clear in advance with the photographer, what can and cannot for you,

so there are no misunderstandings during the photo shoot and / or preparations.

The preparation

Clothing and accessories

Always carry adequate and different garments with: casual, tops, skirts,

dresses, pants, youthful clothes and sexy clothing pieces, bikinis, swimwear, lingerie.

What you should certainly not forgotten some jewellery such as rings, headgear, belts, necklaces, etc. ...

so anything can be used additional for the pictures.

Tight clothing is not done

Do not wear tight clothing before the photo shoot.

Tight clothing can cause streaks on your skin that radiates not positive on the pictures.

The stripes of exciting clothes stay too long in the skin.

Wear at least three hours before the shoot, just loose clothing,such like t-shirts or a gown, and no bras or panties or something exciting.